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Our Projects

Affordable Maternity
Affordable maternity is a website selling maternity clothes. Lionband provides SEO services. This started with keyword analysis and then link building. Lionband handles Affordable Maternity's email marketing. Lionband is now creating a web2.0 plan for this site.  Since the SEO plan was started there has been a 50% increase in traffic and sales are up 36 %.

Malthouse Inn 
Lionband manages the Malthouse Inn website, so they can do what they do best- serve great food.
We make changes as requested whilst providing
statistics on how the website is performing,
where visitors are coming from so we can look at
what advertising is working.

Relaxing Holidays Spain
The internet has made the world smaller, this client is based near Malaga in Spain. We where
 given the brief to produce and promote the website. There are plans to develop the site to take online bookings and payments. The website is target at the English speaking world but multiply langue site is in the pipe line. div class="insidereadmore">View this project

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